Old D.S.B. passanger cars (Generelt)

af nokia2010, onsdag 07. oktober, 2020, 17:41 (16 dage siden) @ Niels Bak

I ride old cars. Didn't seem to me that they where noisy. Including ones at which you can open windows. But probably I'm too inlove with the trains.

The say that compartmented cars are to hard to supervies. But I do like more the compartments. They do offer some privacy. For me, they are the essence of the trains. Well, a train should have both type of cars.
Classic cars ce be coupled and uncopled faster if you use the American automatic copupling sytsem. You still have to connect the air hoose and the electric cables, but the mechanical copuling istself takes less. And I think uncopuling is faster too.

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