Old D.S.B. passanger cars (Generelt)

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At first a working link to the section at Railfaneurope.net:

The interior photos are mine. The first is from a Ba (ex. A), the other is from a cut-out B car compartment installed in the danish railway museum in Odense.

The cars were pretty worn down at the end, as they were used in regional trains only. The seats were "deep" (worn springs) the undercarriage were noisy, and curtains were removed or reduced to avoid hidden vandalism, violence and persons with no tickets.
I loved these cars, but sooner or later they had to either get reconstructed or leave service.
Some were reconstructed as couchette cars, and were in service until about 10 years ago.
Today DSB don't have any nighttrain cars.
The IC3 trains were a modern and very succesful replacement in IC traffic.

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