Old D.S.B. passanger cars (Generelt)

af nokia2010, torsdag 08. oktober, 2020, 11:19 (15 dage siden) @ mss

There was violence and vandalism on trains?
Never had a problem with bad people in my country on trains. There where loud speaking people, another who hit the walls, but otherwise no problem. Well, I ride faster trains or good routes most of the time, probably that's why. Well, that was some garbage (not much and not in all trains).
I didn't noticed the lack of the courtians. Where I live most of the courtains are gone. There where courtains both at the windows at the glass wall from the corridor side. I think only couchette and sleeping cars still carry courtains that can block the window view.
What type of undercarrige/bogie did they used? Miden-Deutz?
I did ride a lot of '80's made cars and enjoyed the ride. Probably I ride even older. The only pre '80's cars that I did ride for sure where the ex-D.B. sleeping cars... well I can't get no sleep on a slpeeing car (or I feel asleep only after hours), trough all that I like trains. I felt asleep fast on standard passanger cars.

I thought to e-mail the person that took the pictures, but well, I had the pleasent surprise to find him here. Those cars where really nice looking on the inside. I wish that they where more cars like this today... but today is very bad from some points of view.
But how come no more sleeping cars in Denmark? Very fast trains?
What camera did you used for taking the pictures in 1996?
Beside that preserved section in the museum, any car was interly left or they where all modernized, scraped, exported?

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