Old D.S.B. passanger cars (Generelt)

af nokia2010, torsdag 08. oktober, 2020, 14:18 (21 dage siden) @ mss

My father (my parents are divorced) had a "Minolta" S.L.R. and I had a compact "Minolta". I wondered why he needed such a big camera when you can have all at the click of a button. After I started to play with a "Zorki" 4 (Soviet rangefinder camera) I understood why. I feel bad for not taking more pictures in the past, but I made the tragic mistake of thinking that the "sorounding envoirement" will be there for ever. I do have to "Minolta" S.L.R.'s nows.

I was curios if the table could be retracted by the people who traveled by the train.
Large compartments. But how many compartments did a car had? 9? I'm still looking for a diagram. In my contry in the '90's the bought for InterCity trains, 2nd class (the where used in 1st rank fast trains too) with 11 compartments. 11 compartments, 8 seats per compartment, hours of travelling, very uncomfortable, not, a thing that you expected from an I.C. train.
Having bottle holders on the chairs was a nice thing. Never had seen them on a train in real life.
I do like very much the old cars. Trough I'm not even 40 years old, I can imagine myself sitting on a seat like that and reading a newspaper (old style printing, not digital printing or even not phototypesetting) and even smoking from a pipe (well, I quit smoking, I hate the habit of smoking, but it's intresting image). And maybe have some beer of hot choclate + milk. For my age I should imagine a laptop/smartphone... Sorry, I do have the habit to expres my feelings. Probably on a newer style car I can imagine myself having a 486 - Pentium 1 nice looking laptop on a table and some kind of early wireless internet. By the way, did in Danemark there was ever a on train phone service like in Germany?

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