Old D.S.B. passanger cars (Generelt)

af mss ⌂, fredag 09. oktober, 2020, 08:11 (20 dage siden) @ nokia2010

I'm from Romania :-D
What is missing? I'm talking about a feature. A feature can be opening windows, compartments, but in some Europeanen countries you can still find them. So there is one thing... well, it can be seen on some pictures with the I.C. cars.

Hm.. Maybe classic destination boards -or Waggon number boards? I don't know if they are still in use anywhere.

I was once in Romania, as a kid, around 1983/84. It was a rather different country back then.

Are the ex. DSB EA still in service in Romania? The last DSB ones will be replaced by Vectron (EB) soon.

By the way, some of the old cars were scrapped, but most were sold to Iran.

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