Old D.S.B. passanger cars (Generelt)

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You been in Romania in 1983-1984? That would be a intresting story. I would like to put the story on a Romanian forum, where we are talking about Ceauşescu era.

Well, there is really not much to tell. I was only a kid back then. We lived in a hotel in a tourist area. It was a hot summer, very nice. A Ceauşescu residence with lots of guards placed around it was nearby. Also I remember the buses were in a bad state, with doors that did not close properly. Of course my brain found that worth remembering. I was interested in buses back then :-) But as I wrote, I was just a kid, don't remember much else...

Those D.M.U.'s where put recently in use, but not by the state company.

I mean the ex. DSB EA electrics, run by DB Cargo. Most went to Bulgaria (Bulmarket and DB Cargo), but allegedly a few went to DB Cargo Romania. Are they still there, or were they transferred to Bulgaria? (or never in Romania at all?)

The sound of the breakes can still be heared in Romania.
The thing that is gone is not what you mentioned. Hint: take a look at the bogies.

The old brakes, or maybe the light machines/generators are all gone now?

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