Old D.S.B. passanger cars (Generelt)

af Oliver Løvgard @, Søborg, lørdag 10. oktober, 2020, 09:09 (13 dage siden) @ mss

Oh, the electric locomotives. I don't think that any ended up in Romania.

Okay, then I guess it was only an idea back then and they all ended in Bulgaria.

If you did see Ceauşescu's villa you went to Neptun. How the resort was back then? Buses where in a bad state, indeed. But did you camed by the train to Romania or by other way?

Yes, exactly. The large beach resort. I don't remember the name of the hotel, but it was nice there.
Unfortunately for me as train fan we never used a train in Romania. We got there by plane.

As for what is gone, the light machibes/generators is the answer. :-) In fact some had dynamos (producing d.c. curent), some had alternators (producing a.c. current - more powreful generators, but you did need an a.c. - d.c. rectifier for the rechargeble batteries (acummulators) ). One thing gone: I don't think any company uses Iron - Nickel accumulators, trough all that they are more time resting then the Led ones. They where gone before the '90's.

I haven't really noticed it, but I guess they really are gone on all fast train cars by now. Unbelievable, it used to be so ordinary :-)

DB Cargo Romania, ex DSB EA

Oliver L. Løvgard

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