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The editor and team behind the site are always looking for new and old pictures of Danish railways rolling stock. If you want to submit pictures to the site, use the green button above and follow the instruction. The process uses, however it is not necessary to have a Dropbox account to proceed.

Before sending any picture, please read this guide to the end. If the image (or a similar one) already exists on the site, the image is unlikely to be published. As a rule of thumb, make sure that at least one of the following criteria is true:

  • The picture has at least 3 years difference from an existing one.
  • The picture shows major changes or repaint of the rolling stock.
  • The picture is technically better than an existing one.

To keep track of the database pictures, please use the following file naming system:
  • Operator_ClassNumber_LocationDate_OptionalSequentialnumber_Photographer.jpg


  • DSB_MY1159_Roskilde300119_SvendOlsen.jpg
  • * ØSJS_SM14_Køge100265_1_KurtAndersen.jpg
  • * DSB_40869460601_Aalborg281200_KimHansen.jpg

If an image does not follow the system described above, the image will probably not be used. The image must be oriented in landscape mode and must show the entire locomotive, carriage or unit. If you are not the photographer of the image you are providing, you must have permission from the photographer and add his / her name as a photographer. If the image is from an archive with public access, the archive name must be added at the end of the file name.

If you are a "new" photo supplier to, please send your e-mail address to, in case we need to get in touch with you.

When you send a picture, you hereby give permission to post your picture on the internet, including the name of the photographer in the upper right corner (example: S. Nygaard, W. Skov or S. E. Vissing). Your email address will not be posted online or shared with others.

If you have old photos on paper or film roll, feel free to write an email to - We might find a way to perform digital scans and upload the images to

If your image already has been uploaded or you have other interesting relevant images, feel free to share them on the relevant forum on the site. In case of an older photo, you may share it on the historical forum (Jernbanehistorisk Forum).

The editor and team behind look forward to receive your photos!

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Tommy Nilsson
Indsend billeder
Sabotage mod Maskindepot Gb
Sabotage mod Maskindepot Gb

I oktober 1944 udførte danske sabotører en vellykket sabotageaktion mod Maskindepotet på Københavns Godsbanegård, hvor en række lokomotiver blev sat ud af spillet. Lars Christensen fortæller her om den dramatiske nat.

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